MEDFORD RESOURCES LTD (Medford) is incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as a BVI Business Company Under number 1806735, and the head office is based in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Medford is a leading brokerage and trading intermediary company dedicated to serving the Sellers and the Buyers of Petroleum Products globally. In addition to that Medford is fully independent and not linked to big trusts and foreign major oil or gas companies. Medford has a powerful lobbying network in the most important countries of the world.

Through its highly privileged business networks and relationships, Medford has been providing highly successful brokerage services to diverse geographic source markets, such as the Sellers from Russia, Basra, Kurdistan, other Middle Eastern sources and Nigeria etc and to the Buyers from China, India, Japan, Korea and ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) countries. Medford has a proven track record and brings knowledge related to the dynamics of oil & gas business combined with high level privileged contacts and relationships to interface genuine buyers and sellers to create successful deals. Medford provides demand and supply matching, procedural structuring services, negotiations of deals along with legal review of agreements or contracts etc for Sellers and Buyers.

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