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Strategic Commitment To Petroleum Product Brokerage & Trading

Medford understands the high value of and global demand for Petroleum Products from all geographic sources. As a result of this understanding, Medford dedicates on sourcing large quantities of Petroleum Products from Russia, Nigeria, the Middle East and Africa. Medford focuses in providing highly successful brokerage and trading services to diverse geographic source markets, i.e. the Sellers from Russia, Basra, Kurdistan, other Middle Eastern sources and Nigeria etc. and to the Buyers from China, Japan, S. Korea and ASEAN countries with Petroleum Products.

Similarly, Medford understands the implications of US and EU sanctions on Russia. Medford has loyal clienteles and valued partners in China, India, Japan, S. Korea and in ASEAN countries. Medford has access to a large number of reputed and genuine Sellers from various geographic origins. Medford also already has in hand a list of various demand and inquiries for very significant quantities of Russian Petroleum Products as well as heavy and light Crude Oils from various Geographic sources such as:

Heavy and Light Crude Oil, D2, MAZUT, REBCO, CST180, 280, 380, JP54 and JET A1 and other derivatives products.

Medford takes the lead role as Primary Intermediary Brokerage and Trading partner, in marketing and selling Petroleum Products from various geographic sources. Medford interfaces between the Buyers and the Sellers with full transparency to all parties, dedicated in creating a win-win for all parties. Medford establishes long term partnership by creating sustainable deals with Oil Majors or Oil Sellers from diverse geographic sources and the Buyers based on win-win approach. Medford trades and deals directly with End-Buyers who are reputable refineries, Oil Majors or state owned companies. Medford avoids working with brokers or broker-chain.

Having established privileged connections and network of business relationships in Asia, the Far East, the Middle East, Europe and North America, Medford and its team members are well positioned to advantage of current environment in Petroleum Products brokerage and trading to create and develop a win-win partnership with all partners in Petroleum Products business.

Our Philosophy & Values

In all our relationships with the Seller, the Buyers and the intermediaries, we will -

  • Deal with: Honesty, Humility, Sincerity, Respect, Credibility, Confidentiality, Loyalty and Transparency in our deals for all of our mutual benefits to create win-win for all parties in our relationship.
  • Offer a "Taylor Made" approach in full transparency and focused to a win-win will be in every part of our action. We work as a team with a total quality approach to achieve our mutual goals and mutual benefits.
  • Be flexible and proactive thinking during the entire deal period, be anticipatory problem solver.
  • Offer value added solutions in a very difficult economical context.
  • Clarify our business and to make things easy to understand with clear and simple words in all dealings.
  • Focus on long term relationships - 5++ years. Be focused on mid -long term partnership based on a win-win approach.
  • Be professional, humble, and clear with explanations or responses - First impression is always the last.
  • Think differently in the deals and all contacts with clients and meetings to solve issues, seek agreement and bring in elegant solutions.
  • Eliminate barriers during the deal process by offering alternative solutions.

Environmental Analysis

  • Political Leadership changes in countries such as China, Indonesia, Thailand etc. has brought about changes of leadership in National Oil companies (NOC) of the Far East. This has brought about structural changes in the companies along with procedural change.
  • Oil prices have seen dramatic volatility in the last 9 months and is anticipated to continue in the foreseeable future.
  • Institutional Buyers or NOC’s do want to deal with intermediaries or brokers rather directly with the Sellers or Sellers Mandate. They are tired of dealing with thousands of offers made by brokers with products or without products.
  • Low prices of Petroleum Products in the market is prompting NOC’s and Institutional Buyers to rush to buy petroleum products while the prices remain low. Countries like China and India is building large quantities of Strategic Reserve for Energy Security.
  • US / EU sanctions on Russian Business resulting in restriction on banking instruments and international trade

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