Medford Products

~ Energy for the World ~

Medford is dedicated to providing highly successful brokerage and trading services to diverse geographic source markets, such as the Sellers from Russia, Basra, Kurdistan, other Middle Eastern sources and Nigeria etc. and to the Buyers from China, India, Japan, S. Korea and ASEAN countries with Petroleum Products. We trade and deal directly with End-Buyers who are reputable refineries, Oil Majors or state owned companies. We avoid working with brokers or broker-chain.

We have direct access to the range of following products:

  • Heavy Crude
  • Light Crude
  • Heavy Crude
  • Aviation Kerosene JP54
  • Aviation Kerosene Jet A1
  • Mazut M100/99
  • CST - 180, 280, 380
  • LPG
  • LNG
  • Derivatives Products

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